Publish date: 6 December 2019

During the pre-Christmas period we continued an action supporting the local community, one that began a year earlier. Together with our colleagues we have managed to put smiles on the faces of a dozen children from Care and Education Centre No. 3 in Gdynia.

How? We have renovated and equipped their home with new furniture, so the children and youths can learn, develop and relax in a comfortable space. At this stage of the initiative, employees from various companies of the VECTOR GROUP became involved and they arranged the new rooms for the children. Thanks to this the interiors got a new look and we made the children happy.

On the way to sustainable development

In order to have an impact on the surrounding ecosystem, we are becoming increasingly bold in following the path of sustainable development. However, every long journey begins with baby steps. The first one is to promote environmentally friendly behaviour.

In recent years we have been facing a negative trend, which is a decline in bird populations around the world. Experts believe that the cause of this negative trend is climate change on our planet, as well as the destruction of natural habitats. Our feathered friends need support, so we have sent bird feeders to our clients and partners so that now they can feed birds in the winter, when it is hard for them to find food due to the frost and snow.

We have put together a short video with material which we hope you will enjoy, summing up our actions.