Renovation Action of the BE ABLE TO HELP Foundation

Publish date: 12 December 2023

This year, returning to our roots, we organized a special renovation action. The goal was to support Justyna, a former foster care recipient, in her new chapter of life.

Justyna is also under the care of the METAPOMOC Foundation. Thanks to her foundation mentor, she has made significant progress in becoming independent. The next step in her life was a 25-square-meter apartment in Gdynia, which she received as part of a social housing program. Unfortunately, the apartment required a major renovation, and this is where the volunteers of the BE ABLE TO HELP Foundation stepped in.

Mission – Renovation

Our main task was to secure the apartment, prime the walls, then paint them, and lay tiles in the bathroom. To achieve this goal, we organized a three-day action, during which our volunteers had the opportunity not only to refresh the apartment but also to show the power of cooperation and mutual kindness.

Solidarity in Action

At the beginning of February, despite the winter, unfavorable conditions, our team of 11 volunteers set out to work. United by a common goal, we created not just a renovation team, but also shared our tasks, exchanging knowledge and experience, which significantly accelerated the progress of the work. What started as a renovation project also turned into a lesson about cooperation, empathy, and mutual support.




The Results of Our Work

We filled all the holes, primed the walls, cleaned the tiles, and even the ceilings got a new look. Each layer of paint brought us closer to our goal, and Justyna’s smile was the best reward for our hard work.

Celebrating Success

The culmination of our project was a housewarming party organized by Justyna in November. It was a perfect opportunity to celebrate the success of our mission and enjoy our joint achievements.


The completed renovation action is proof that through cooperation and commitment, we can make someone’s world a better place, and entering adulthood can be a little easier. With our help, Justyna can now enjoy her new, renovated apartment. What we do matters – not just for one person, but for our entire community!