Together Towards a Better Future. Our Journey at BE ABLE TO HELP Foundation

Publish date: 5 December 2023

At the BE ABLE TO HELP Foundation, since its inception, we have continually strived to create positive changes in the community. Our actions have always been a response to the current needs, challenges, and problems faced by people around us. From helping hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic, through support for crisis intervention centers, to educational and renovation initiatives – each of our projects is a step towards a better world. Below, we present a chronology of our actions, showing how diverse and important the initiatives we undertook were.



Where Did It All Begin?

Focusing on supporting local communities in the Tri-City area, since 2018, our Foundation has engaged in the lives of children from Child Care Facilities in Gdynia. To meet the financial challenges of these institutions, we initiated a series of actions, starting with sincere conversations with caregivers and management. These meetings allowed us to understand and catalog the most pressing needs.

Then, in the spirit of true community, as employees of VECTOR Group, we took on the challenge, turning office corners into workshops full of creativity and commitment. From hand to hand, from heart to heart, every piece of furniture, every corner was transformed to give children a place where they can learn, grow, and rest. Thanks to this cooperation, the lives of 26 wards gained a new dimension – full of warmth, security, and joy.

But our mission did not end there. With equal enthusiasm, we opened new chapters of our activity. We even helped birds, taking care of their feeding in the winter months. This was not only a concern for winged life but also a symbol of our philosophy – every action, even the smallest, has its great significance.


2020: Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic

The year 2020 marked our history as a time of the global COVID-19 pandemic. In this difficult period, as a team of VECTOR Group employees, we stood united on the front line. We supported hospitals and medical staff of Pomeranian Hospitals. Our actions focused on providing necessary protective equipment and logistical support to medical facilities.


2021: Support for the Crisis Intervention Center

In 2021, we directed our efforts to support the Crisis Intervention Center in Gdynia, helping people in difficult life situations. Our support included material, psychological assistance, and counseling. In the face of the growing problem of mental health crisis, exacerbated by the pandemic and accompanying daily life stress, we encouraged taking care of one’s mental comfort. Details of this initiative can be found here.


March 2022: Establishment of the Foundation and Help for Ukrainian Refugees

In March 2022, we took an important step – we established the BE ABLE TO HELP Foundation. In the same month, we focused our actions on helping Ukrainian refugees, offering them essential support in the form of food, clothing, and medical care. We coordinated, among others, the organization of an emergency apartment for over 20 people, creating job opportunities for Ukrainian citizens, and offering Polish language lessons. In cooperation with one of our companies – VECTOR SOLUTIONS, we donated over 2000 pieces of technical equipment to rebuild the telecommunications infrastructure in Ukraine. More about this mission can be read here.


August 2022: VITAMINA Project

August 2022 was the beginning of our VITAMINA project, which involved building greenhouses on the premises of local specialized institutions. The goal was to develop practical skills and responsibility for the cultivated plants in young people. In addition, children had the opportunity to participate in gardening workshops.


September 2022 – June 2023: Q-Independence Project

The Q-Independence project, lasting from September 2022 to June 2023, was dedicated to youth preparing for independent life after leaving Child Care Facilities and Foster Families. We organized workshops focused on key life skills, such as managing a household budget or navigating the job market. We also expanded the project with sessions from professional educators, covering sexual education and sociotherapy.


December 2022: Angel Run and Support for Residents of Zhytomyr

In December 2022, we supported the organization of the Angel Run. This sports event aimed to raise funds for the Hospice Pomorze Dzieciom. Thanks to fruitful cooperation with the Iron Team Foundation, not only did we support the organization of the run, but we also organized sports activities for the youth from ZPS and involved them as volunteers in the preparations for this inspiring event.

Additionally, December was also a month of assistance for the residents of Zhytomyr in Ukraine. We provided power generators, which were extremely needed by those who found themselves without mobile communication and electricity. Details of these activities can be found here.


February 2023: Renovation Action

In February 2023, we carried out a renovation action for an apartment for a ward from Foster Care, in cooperation with the METAPOMOC Foundation. We completed this project in November with a housewarming party, celebrating the success of our action.


May 2023: Revitalization of the Coucb Page

In May 2023, with the help of our company FALCON V SYSTEMS, we put into use the revitalized website. This site is a unique place for residents of Gdynia, offering psychological support in a blink of an eye. When life becomes a challenge, this platform offers a chance for a conversation with young psychologists. Additionally, it guarantees full confidentiality and protection of personal data. It’s a haven where every word and feeling have their place.


September 2023: Accordion Quartet Concert

September 2023 was marked by music. We organized a concert of an accordion quartet for the wards of community centers, in cooperation with the Hanseatica Foundation.


October 2023: LifeHack Academy Project

In October 2023, we launched the LifeHack Academy project, which is still ongoing. Its goal is to develop life and professional skills among young people. As part of this program, young people have the opportunity to learn how to effectively manage time and cope with stress. In addition, LifeHack Academy offers the chance to gain practical skills useful in work and everyday life.


December 2023: Continued Support for the Angel Run

In December 2023, we will again support the organization of the Angel Run, engaging an even larger group of wards from community centers this time.



Our actions reflect a deep commitment to helping others and striving to create a better world for all. Each project we implement brings us immense satisfaction and motivation for further action. We are proud that we can change the world for the better, step by step.