Why protecting birds is important to us?

Publish date: 29 November 2019

We pay close attention to the surrounding ecosystem and observe it with a growing interest day by day. We do not stop learning that sustainable development is essential so we need to take care of it. However, every long journey begins with small steps. The first one has been made to positively influence and promote friendly behaviour to the environment.

In recent years, we observed a very negative trend of declining bird populations around the world. Experts believe that the cause of this lies in climate change and the destruction of natural bird habitats. Our winged friends need help. And they need it especially during the winter season when the weather conditions make it difficult for them to find food. Without our support, less experienced or weakened birds have little chance to survive when the temperature falls below zero. One bird feeder with a continually replenished food supply will help them survive the most difficult time.

Why it is important to us?

  • We want to have a positive impact on the environment and preserve biodiversity in our surroundings.
  • Birds are an important part of our ecosystem and their populations have been declining dramatically in recent years.
  • Birds exterminate pests and spread the seeds of many types of shrubs and trees.

We would like you to join us in our efforts to protect birds by feeding them during periods of frost and heavy snowfall. However, if you decide to start feeding birds, you need to remember that you will be responsible for any birds that pay you a visit. Therefore, to provide a healthy and nutritious buffet for different bird species, there are a few rules you have to be aware of. Check our article, in which you can find some important clues.