2022 Mission Statement: help for Ukraine

Publish date: 19 December 2022

Caring for people is a cornerstone of the activities of the BE ABLE TO HELP Foundation. We are deeply moved by the war taking place in Ukraine and we have been directing our thoughts and actions towards that country and its people for more than 9 months.

Since the beginning of the war, together with our Polish partners and charitable organisations, we have been involved in providing material and financial aid to those affected. We are doing good in many forms and on many levels.

So far, we have undertaken a number of activities to provide help to refugees in our country as part of the idea for long-term support.

  • For more than eight months, the VECTOR foundation has been coordinating the organisation of emergency housing provided by the VECTOR Group. During this time, more than 20 people not only received a warm shelter, but could also count on support in finding their place in a new reality.
  • At the VECTOR Group, we created new workplaces dedicated to Ukrainian citizens. Getting a job and Polish language lessons help them to get back on their feet and adapt to the new and difficult situation.
  • Thanks to the partnership between the VECTOR foundation and VECTOR SOLUTIONS, we donated more than 2,000 components of the technical equipment necessary to rebuild the Ukrainian telecommunications infrastructure destroyed during the war.
  • What we are extremely proud of is supporting the grassroots initiatives of the VECTOR Group’s employees. More than 15 joint ideas, including organising food and clothing collections for refugees hosted by friends of the VECTOR Group, supporting deliveries of humanitarian aid to Ukraine (mainly to Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk), as well as financial support for the purchase of necessary goods.
  • We also did not forget the youngest victims who, together with their guardians, reached Poland. We joined in the action, thanks to which the children could forget, at least for a while, about the events that happened to them. Through the Foundation, we funded and organised a day trip to the Experimental Science Centre for children participating in day camps organised by the Magnolia Association from Gdańsk. We also supported the #liftUKRAINE campaign, whose originators were Fiberhost and Inea. As part of this initiative, we purchased 300 sets of crayons, which were included in packages with colouring books, to make the journey more pleasant for the youngest Ukrainians.
  • The possibility of continuing education is a significant semblance of normalcy we can give the children affected by migration. Therefore, we decided to help children evacuated from Ukrainian orphanages who are living in the ‘Children’s Village’ in Siedlce by donating necessary computer equipment to allow them to benefit from online learning.

We continue to observe and respond to the emerging needs of Ukrainian citizens affected by the war. For us, every initiative by the VECTOR Foundation, regardless of its scale, is important and can change someone’s life. The past months have confirmed that we have huge and open hearts, and that we are ready to act.

On behalf of the VECTOR BE ABLE TO HELP Foundation, we would like to give our thanks for the commitment of the VECTOR Group employees and all the partners who contributed to our joint success.

Thank you, you are irreplaceable!