BE ABLE TO HELP 2021: We support the Crisis Intervention Centre

Publish date: 10 December 2021

Like every year before Christmas, together with the employees of the VECTOR Group, we eagerly provided our support for the good spreading in our home city of Gdynia.

During the last days of November, we were painting walls and assembling furniture to remodel the place, which the City of Gdynia had made available to the Crisis Intervention Centre. The facility is a place where several specialists with lots of good will and great commitment save and support young people going through a psychological and emotional crisis.


Together, we can do more!

The pre-Christmas period is marked not just by gleeful anticipation of meeting our loved ones or frantic preparations in an atmosphere created by twinkling lights and the smell of cinnamon and citrus fruits. For us it is also the time of helping.
We brought some light and freshness to the facility’s rooms so that the kids could feel at least a little more cheerful and the psychologists working with them could better enjoy each day of their work. Take care of your mental health and the health of your loved ones.

The aim of our action is to direct public attention to the growing mental health crisis for which the contributing factors are developing technology, stress, lack of time and imbalanced life; the last dozen months of the pandemic exacerbated this crisis, increasing the sense of fear, helplessness, sadness.

This is why we encourage you to take care of your comfort and mental health. Slow down and, every now and then, allow yourself to relax in this Christmas time.

And as for You, the Customers and Partners of the VECTOR Group, we thank you with all our hearts. You are an important part of this initiative. It is your support and understanding of the message behind this action that allows us to replace the sumptuous gifts we would give to you with some good deeds, and instead of that, give you gifts that symbolise a small contribution to our charity action.

With us, you are making a small part of this world a better place.